Försöker få rätsida på en värld av kaos och delar med mig av några fotnoter längs vägen.


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Okay, so I am doing this one in eglish since i promised my dorm-mate who isn´t speaking swedish to show her before posting it. 

Today was one of those crazy hectic days I just tend to love. I started early in the morning gathering my stuff and down to the subway to catch a train to the centrum in Warszawa. Then walking the short distance to the central station, eating breakfast there and then catch the train to Krakow. Met some really cool travellers on the train and spent most of the tie standing in the window, enyoing the breeze and just being a little bit high on life. 

Arrived in Krakow and almost immediatly found a cheap hostel to stay in. Left my stuff and went too book a trip for the next day. I planned to go for lunch right after, but here my spontaneous side got in between. On the way there I saw a bus going to the salt mine so I ended up taking the bus there instead and doing a four hours tour down the salt mine. It was totally awesome. The mines are beautifull but the lift out of there was a nightmare. It was tine and copletly dark and made funny noices goin up. Got a quick reminder that I still have an issue with claustrofobia and just managed to keep myself from having a panick attack.

On the outside I realised it was getting dark. Started talking with some guys I met in the mine. We went to take the bus back to Krakow, ended up on the wrong one, had to get off and then managed to stop a minivan going to Krakow who thankfully could drive us. Back in Krakow we went to the old town marketplace to get some drinks and some food. Stayed up quite long and talked about everything and nothing while drinking beer and hearing live music. When we parted I went over the market place and came across a big gathering off people with a guy in the middle singing and playing the guitarr. He soon had the whole group singing Imagine and Tears in heaven in front a big beautiful church. In the crowd I saw a guy with a kitten on his shoulder. Asked him about his story and he told me he found the kitten in a gutter and she was now his travelling companion and he was taking her to the vet and hoped he would be able to take her with him home (he was from the Netherlands). 

When I was walking home I bought kebab (yeah, I was still hungry) and while I was walking there eating my kebab I was pretty sure on the fact that life is indeed beatifull and worth living. And then I got lost. Walked up to this girl standing in a corner and asked her for directions. She looked suprised first but then not just gave me directions but also went with me foe a short while to show me to the right street. I gave her the change I still had in my pocket and we parted ways. And thats how my night ended with me paying a hooker for her services. (And hey, no judging, she was an extremly friendly girl who spoke english great and I mean no disrespect just staing a fact and I am not guessing she told me.)

Sorry for the not so great grammar I promise I am much better at talking in english than I am at writing. 


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